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The Online Book Fair is a special service to help schools, clubs, nonprofit organizations, churches and homeschools earn new funds. Everyone has a need to purchase gifts for children. Your book fair makes this time-consuming task easy and efficient. Parents, grandparents, friends and relatives will find gifts for their young loved-ones in a flash. Your book fair offers a growing and ever-changing selection of excellent, new, current books, movies, educational videos, music, toys and games for children up through the teen years. When anyone purchases any product through your book fair, you earn cash funds. Everything is automated and simple. There is no cost and very little time commitment. All you have to do is share your book fair online address (see sample). We do all the rest!.

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Wide Variety of Children's and Family-Friendly Products

Your Book Fair offers a wide, ever-growing, ever-changing variety of chidren's and family-friendly products. Your book fair goes far beyond the norm. In addition to vintage book titles, it offers new, current, even pre-release titles; as well as, a pool of family-friendly and children's movies and educational titles; music, musical instruments, electronics, toys and games. Your book fair is a simple and effective way for anyone to purchase children and family-friendly gifts.

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Your Book Fair is free, simple, and effective. We recommend having a book fair for small groups, like a classroom rather than a whole school, or a church group than the whole parish, or a committee rather than a whole nonprofit organization. Your smaller, more personal book fair can be more profitable over a longer period of time. The promotional success of your book fair is based on word-of-mouth advertising. All you have to do is share your book fair web address (see sample). Share it on your Facebook group, add it to your newsletter, tell everyone you know. It's as simple as you can get, and we'll help you along he way.

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